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Knowing Yourself

A large camellia bloom in snow

This blog is all about tools I've found helpful in hopes that you will find some of them helpful. In that light, I know that there won't be a direct one-to-one correspondence for all of them. Certain things that have been AMAZING for me might get an eye-roll from you. To help you climb out of this pit, start collecting some data on yourself. Try different things, see what works. Look for patterns. Notice, observe yourself. When something I talk about doesn't work for you, maybe ask why it doesn't, and see if there's some sort of equivalent that would be better. I know, it's slow, which is frustrating. I'm sorry. Eventually it will build up into something more substantial, I promise. Well... I think. I don't make a lot of promises around here, sorry again. I'm a peer, not a professional, but I do think it will get better. Keep doing the work, and it won't earn you a happy ending, but it will contribute, give you some tools in your belt for when things are HARD. Sub-topics or tags I'll write about under Knowing Yourself: Notice and Observe Yourself, Personality Frameworks, and Favorites. As always, there will be some overlap from one category or sub-category to another. After all, integrated pieces that work together are a good thing, right? But I'll try to classify each tool I give into the category that it primarily falls under.


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