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Welcome! I care about mental and spiritual health, and I'm here to offer you small tools for hope and healing, especially if you're grieving or depressed.

I'm here as a peer, not a professional. I won't go into all of my story now, but in short, I've miscarried, I've suffered postpartum depression, I've grieved my mom's Alzheimer's for about ten years, and then my dad's sudden death and her very not-sudden death a couple months later. I have three girls, I've parented littles (more or less) while grieving. I possibly have some experience with Complex or Developmental PTSD (C-PTSD) and with chronic illness.

So I don't prescribe medication, I take it. I'm not a therapist, I see one.

I hope some of the things that have been helpful for me will also be helpful for you. Use what you can, leave the rest, no guilt or pressure.

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